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Phosphate Fertiliser (Guano) 10kg

Phosphate Fertiliser (Guano) 10kg
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Guano - 9.8% Phosphate, 30% Calcium
An ideal natural fertiliser (non-acidic) that adds Phosphate and Calcium to your garden - and most importantly is friendly to the "Soil Food Web", that's all the critters (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, arthropods) that are beavering away in your garden, breaking down the organic matter into humus.

Humus aids in water retention and stores nutrients in forms that plants can utilise. So your vegetables have optimum growing conditions and ready access to all the nutrients they require. Then when you eat your lettuces, tomatoes, cabbages and other vegetables, you are getting all the goodness of your healthy vegetables into your own and your family's bodies.

"Not all cabbages have the same nutritional value"

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